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1. Can an insured cancel his current NJIUA policy to become eligible for the WindMAP program?

No, the Insured has to wait one month prior to his or her policy expiration to apply to the WindMAP.

2. If an application is received in the WindMAP that has two (2) houses on the same location, how do we treat this?

This application will be given one application number and treated as one application.

3. The building is being demolished, and construction will be starting soon, can this be eligible for WindMAP?

No, this is considered builders risk and is not applicable to the WindMAP program.

4. The building is under construction and is due to be completed in the next three (3) months; does this policy now qualify for WindMAP?

Yes, if the building is due to be finished in the next three (3) months or less this application is eligible for the program.

5. If an application is accepted, what type of written proposal should we expect from the company generating the proposal?

The only thing we expect from the accepting company is a written yes, and the name of someone for the producer/insured to contact together with their phone number and address. No quotes, check amount, type of policy offered or anything else is necessary.

6. If an application has been processed through the WindMAP, and sent to the three (3) individual companies, and they have all declined, and a FAIR Plan quote has been sent to the producer/insured showing the amount on contents and building. After receiving the quote the Producer/Insured then decides that they want to either increased or decrease the amount of coverage on contents, what measure should be taken to do this?

The producer/insured should mail the premium notice back signed by the insured noting the change, with a check based on their new calculations.

7. Can WindMAP accept application from trailers?


8. Does a producer have to be certified to submit applications to WindMAP?

No certification is required.