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How to Apply to WindMAP?

1. Complete either the ACCORD 80 Homeowners application, or the ACCORD 84 Dwelling Fire application if occupancy is seasonal, rented to tenant, mobile home, or owned by a partnership or corporate entity other than a natural person or husband/wife.

2. Complete the Supplemental application, and provide as much detail as possible in answer to Underwriting Questions.

3. Attach a copy of the non-renewal or cancellation notice needed in Eligibility Question 1.

4. Attach evidence of sale or other documentation of transfer needed in Eligibility Question 2.

5. Attach a copy of the FAIR Plan policy declaration page needed in Eligibility Question 3.

6. Attach copies of all declination notices received from WindMAP participating companies needed in Eligibility Question 5.

7. Producer and applicant must sign and date the ACCORD form, and the applicant must sign and date the Supplemental Application.

8. Mail all application material to the following address:

New Jersey WindMAP
P.O. Box 32340
Newark, NJ 07102

Do NOT send money. Coverage is NOT bound. Insurance does not exist until the insurer's application and underwriting procedures are completed and a binder is issued.

You will receive an acknowledgement that your application was accepted for processing.