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How the Consumer Can Utilize the WindMAP?

1. First verify that the property to be insured is located in one of the 116 eligible zip codes.

2. Check the list of referral companies that are writing homeowners insurance in the coastal areas, subject to certain underwriting guidelines. Some of those guidelines, particularly those relating to coastal area restrictions, are shown on the list. You should use the list to contact representatives of those companies to obtain insurance coverage from your property.

3. If you are not successful in obtaining insurance with another carrier on the Referral List, you may complete the WindMAP application. We will direct your application to additional companies for their underwriting consideration, and advise you of their decisions. You should be aware that, in some cases, when a company participating in the WindMAP agrees to write a policy for a property that they ordinarily would not accept under their underwriting guidelines, the company may require that the policy carry a $1,000 deductible.

The WindMAP application process may take up to three (3) weeks after we receive your application. Please note that the submission of an application to the WindMAP does not guarantee that you will obtain homeowners coverage through the Program. In addition, any insurance that is offered to you by a WindMAP insurer will only become effective after the insurer completes its application and underwriting procedures and a binder has been issued.

4. Complete either the Accord 80 Homeowners application, if you reside at the property, or the Accord 84 Dwelling Fire application if occupancy is seasonal, rented tot a tenant, a mobile home, or owned by partnership or corporate entity other than a natural person or husband/wife.

5. Complete the WindMAP Supplemental Application as follows:

a) Consumers provide your name, and address of property to be insured. If accessing the WindMAP directly, omit producer information, and provide your daytime phone number.

b) To be eligible for the WindMAP, there must be a "Yes" response to one of the Questions 1-4. Please answer appropriately.

c) Send the application at least 21 days, but not more than 60 days prior to the date coverage is needed.

d) Consumers are required to identify the insurer canceling their current policy. Please attach a copy of the non-renewal or cancellation notice needed in Eligibility Question 1.

e) If property is newly built or newly acquired, please attach evidence of sale or other documentation of transfer needed in Eligibility Question 2.

f) If property is currently insured in the FAIR Plan, and is eligible for continuation, please attach a copy of the FAIR Plan declaration page needed in Eligibility Question 3.

6. Please identify the insurance companies that have declined to insure this property, and attach copies of declination notices received from those companies in response to Eligibility Question 5.

7. Please provide as much detail in response to the Underwriting Questions as follows:

a) Please indicate requested distance or height information in feet.

b) Indicate flood zone, and if flood insurance is in force, show limits for structure and contents.

c) Military service questions do not affect eligibility, but complete answers will assist in locating an insurance carrier.

8. Consumers are asked to read the Affirmation Statement, and must sign and date the ACCORD form, and WindMAP Supplemental Application.

9. Mail all application material to the following address:

New Jersey WindMAP
P.O. Box 32340
Newark, NJ 07102

10.Do not send money. Coverage is NOT bound. Insurance does not exist until the insurer's application and underwriting procedures are completed and a binder is issued.

11. You will receive an acknowledgement that your application was accepted from processing. If all required information is not submitted, your application will be returned without being processed.